Sant Vicent Ferrer High School Arnadí
Dec 012009

Hi ! I’m Anna and I have got a lot of hobbies, I love playing handball and speaking English, it’s fantastic. And I like swimming, going out with my friends and watching TV. I also like singing, dancing, reading the books. I love playing the piano, playing the violin, playing with the computer….

Hello, my name is Dani and my favourite hobby is cycling. I like cycling because it’s fun, you can run very fast and it’s not difficult. Cycling is good for health because it is an sport. The best of the bike is when you take a downward slope and take a lot of speed. If you have a good glide you will have great speed and suddenly brake. If you have got a BMX bike and the opportunity to obtain a good jump, do it!

Hello, my name is Inés. My hobby is swimming and tennis. I go swimming to an indoor pool (the club Xúquer). Every Friday I go to the tennis court and some Saturdays I practice it. Here in Algemesí there is a tennis club where I go on Fridays and some Saturdays. I like sport because it is good for health.

My name is Joan and my hobbies are playing chess and football, my favourite footballer is David Villa. I also practice other hobbies, like painting warhammer (plastic miniatures for role-playing games) .

I’m Jordi and I am 12 years old. I will explain how to play handball: you can’t take more than three steps, you can not enter or walk on the line that rounds the goals, the goalkeeper can’t jump the balland he has to pass out of the net .

I’m Salut, I’m from Algemesí and I am twelve years old. My hobby is music, I love music; I play the piano, the violin and the clarinet. But I like piano the most. For the majority of people it can seem hard because they are looking at two hands, “one in bass clef (fa) and the other in treble clef.(sol)”

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