Paella mixta IES History
May 072010

* 500 gr. sugar.
* 500 gr. crushed almond.
* 125 gr. water.
* 100 gr. boiled sweet potatoes, drained and chopped, or dried and crushed biscuits (one or the other is used to retain excess moisture).
* Cinnamon stick.
* Scraping lemon.
* Wafers.

Prepare the filling:

In the Thermomix

* Grind the almonds and set aside.
* Grind the scraping of lemon and reserve.
* Chop the sweet potatoes and set aside.
* Set in the glass and sugar water temp 10 minutes. 100 º C speed 4 (and get a syrup).
* Once temp connect 30 minutes. 100 º C spoon and we will be adding the jar of chopped almonds, chopped sweet potato, the scraping of lemon and cinnamon (if you have the 31 you can put the left turn from non-cinnamon).
* After this time see if the dough begins to get sticky.
* Now allow to cool.


* Heat water and sugar on low heat to get a light syrup (stir continuously).
* Add the almonds, stirring previously, then add the mashed sweet potatoes, the scraping of lemon and the cinnamon stick.
* Stir continuously.

Production of biscuits:

* Once the mixture is cold it has to be quite compact (if we take mixture with a spoon and turn the spoon upside down, it gets stuck to the spoon).
* Put a wafer on a wet cloth in order to moisten and better manipulate at the time of bending.
* Pun a fair amount of mixture on the wafer and bend the wafer with the wet cloth to cover the misture.


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