Torró de panet Christmas Activities
Jun 082010

1953 was an important year for this educational centre. The building of the centre started in that year. The centre would  give all levels of studies for industrial working and it was called “Instituto Laboral Industrial” (Vocational and Industry Studies High School). The first teachers working in it were Maria Cruz Villar, Arturo Monleón and Gregorio F. Jiménez who, on the 21st of Novembre, 1953, started his task with an exam which 32 students passed.  The 30th of November, 1953 was a very important date for this school, as 2 women teachers, 6 men teachers, an administrative officer and a caretaker started the first academic year. To become known in the town and the surroundings, radio programmes were made, offering the facilities of the centre to all the people interested and people were invited to visit the place. There were also lectures, seminars, film previews. That propaganda campaign reached the results expected: the people enrolling the studies increased every year and the High School “Sant Vicent Ferrer” became a major educational centre for Algemesi and many villages of La Ribera

In 1959-69 the school started a male-female education and the centre had to overcome the works to adapt the centre to have separate places where both sexes could be taught in the same school but in different areas in order not to allow co-education. The 1967-68 year the studies were transformed into the Bachillerato Unificado (Secondary Education). The Bachillerato entailed  4 years and “Revalida” (the final examination). These 4 years consisted of an elementary year, two years more and “Revalida”. Later ther was a Superior year. In 1975 the Bachillerato was transformed into B.U.P. (Bachillerato Unificado Polivalente), which lasted for 3 years, and 1 year of C.O.U. (Curso de Orientación Universitaria). For Primary Education it was established the E.G.B. (Basic General Education) and some of the ancient years remained in this system. In 1989-90  the Teaching in Valencian Branch started and in 1997, the last reform arrived: the E.S.O. : two groups of two years each and two years more for Bachillerato.

The gradual creation of new educational centres in the villages nearby and the establishment of the secondary education in private schools made the number of students decrease. Nowadays, the number of students is of about 570 students. The first students used to have their own school uniform, their own anthem and a choral group. At about that time a new  magazine for students was born, “Marjal” (marsh, as the town has a part of its territory which is so), where for 24 years , since 1954 to 1978 the life of the centre and the most remarkable events of our town were reflected.It is also important to remember that in sports, this high school was a pioneer in Algemesi in practising athletics and other sports like volleyball, basketball  and especially handball. Important to highlight  that many theatre groups have been created since then. Since that year 1953-54, when an educational path started in our town, where university students didn’t reach 20 people, there has been a huge cultural transformation and more than 50 years have passed by.  More than 11.000 students have studied in our classrooms and hundreds of teachers have left their work and stamp in this centre and our students. According to this we can surely state that “Sant Vicent Ferrer” has had a great importance in and for our town.

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