IES History Snow Trip
Jun 082010

In our secondary school teachers organise different activities at Christmas, for example, the Christmas Tree, a Charity Breakfast and activities in the gym. All students in the school take part in them. This year 4th ESO students have made the Christmas Tree, with the “nd ESO students’ help. It was made with cardboard and plastic and painted glasses. It was placed at the hall of the centre. The Charity Breakfast takes place at the secondary school door. Our families and teachers take part in it making cakes and biscuits that afterwards we sell. Al the money we get goes to “Manos Unidas”, a Spanish charity organisation  Besides we play games in the gym. Everybody can take part in them. There are ability games, football matches and a funny game that I like very much. It consists in busting balloons. As a prize we get a ticket that later we cash for sweeties.

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