Algemesi Students
Nov 272009

Our school “IES San Vicent Ferrer” was founded 50 years ago. Its name refers to a character in our history. It is a center where you can study secondary education and vocational training. We have a very large schoolyard with palm trees and there you can find the canteen, where they make very good sandwiches and you can buy soft drinks and sweets. The principal of our center is Enrique Cebolla Vives, the headmaster is Susi Matoses, the Deputy Director is Salut Ahuir and the Secretary is Rafa  Vendrell. Salut and Gema (the Greek teacher) are helping us with the Comenius program. Our classroom is on one side of the school, from there you can go up the stairs to the art classroom and laboratory. The school has three floors and if you break a foot, you can use the lift … The library is next to the staff room. Our library is large and has books that we can take home and read. The gym, the music room and the technology classroom are in the yard. In technology we do projects and we always have fun. Teachers are generally very friendly and treat us very well. We expect you like our school!

Interview: ALBA
- What subject do you prefer at school? Physical Education.
- Why? Because the teacher is very nice.
- Do you think that Comenius Program is a good idea? Yes, I think it is, because we can meet people and learn more English.
- Thank you very much.

Interview: ANDREU
- What do you think about Comenius Program? I think  it is a good idea, because we can learn English and eat different food.
- What language do you prefer Valencià, Spanish or English? Valencia. I  always speak Valencià with my friends and at home with my parents.
- Do you like English? Yes, I do. English is very important.

Interview: ANA BELÉN
- Sabrina, do you think it is a good idea that  children of 1st and 2nd ESO go to other countries to learn English? Yes, it is a good idea.
- Why? Because we can speak English in other countries.
- Do you like the distribution of the classrooms at school? No
- Why? Because the school is big and we must walk so much…

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