4rt meeting: Algemesi (Spain) Last Day 5th meeting: Warsaw (Poland)
Aug 082011

The secondary school San Vicente Ferrer participates in the  European Comenius program with other schools in Poland, Bulgaria, Italy and Greece. It is an educational exchange of students whose goal is to discover the different education systems, the city and its customs, and share experiences between students from different countries.

This year, 24 students who attend this school in 4th ESO, participate in the exchange and learn Spanish and English. During the period that lasts the project involved the students visited several European countries and are now in Algemesí. Specifically, in January 2010 visited Italy, then in April it was the turn of Greece, in September 2010 were in Bulgaria. Now they visit Algemesí and will visit Poland in May 2011 thus, closing the cycle of exchanges.

Comenius students have been received this morning by the mayor of Algemesí, Ramón Vicente Garcia Mount, and the Councillor for Education, Beatriz Diaz. In the council of Algemesí they explained the history of Algemesí, next they are presented with a tasting of orange juice as local produce and typical of Ribera of Valencia. The students also visited the Basilica of St. James and the Museum of the Party of Algemesí.


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